We are a Perinatal Safe Spot!

Last Thursday, I had a phone interview with Jennie Joseph, British-trained midwife, a women’s health advocate, the founder and executive director of Commonsense Childbirth Inc. and the creator of The JJ Way®.

This phone interview led to Postpartum Recovery becoming a Perinatal Safe Spot in the National Perinatal Task Force (NPTF) formed by Ms. Joseph. The NPTF is a virtual network of support to transform maternity outcomes in the USA.

What Is a Perinatal Safe Spot (PSS)?

A Perinatal Safe Spot is a judgment free zone to connect moms, family members, community to each other and baby. As a PSS you give families the tools they need to have power in their childbearing decisions and break barriers to quality care in Maternal Toxic areas.

I am super excited to have Postpartum Recovery be a part of the task force and to bring awareness and change to the families in Baltimore!

Published by Desiree

Mother, licensed clinical social worker, herbalist and reproductive psychotherapist

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