Meet Me THIS Weekend!!!

Come meet me at the Human Wealth Expo Sunday August 28th, 2016 at The Silver Spring Civic Building 10am-5pm. My (free) workshop is at 11:00am. Click here for tickets. Can’t wait to meet you!

The Human Wealth Expo is the brainchild of local DC organization, Diversity Theatre Company, which “strives to bridge the gap between class, gender, age and culture to move beyond tolerance into enlightenment through empowered theatre art.”

When I was asked to participate, I quickly and gladly obliged. The more awareness I can bring to the #1 cause of maternal death and the most undiagnosed mental illness among African American women, I’M THERE!!!

So don’t be shy, if you see me say hi!!! I’ll have a table in the Great Hall following my presentation!! I’m so excited to meet you!

Published by Desiree

Mother, licensed clinical social worker, herbalist and reproductive psychotherapist

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