Beyond the Baby Blues: An Overview of Maternal Mental Health Disorders

  • For Helping Professionals (Doulas, Midwives, Therapists, OB/GYN etc.)
  • For Families, Caregivers and Support

This training will give you an overview of maternal mental health disorders including diagnostic features, symptoms, screening tools, treatment options and local resources. This training can be tailored to be as brief or in-depth as you’d like to fit your needs.

teen momTeen Mothers and Maternal Mental Health 

  • For Foster Care Staff
  • For Foster Care youth

This training will discuss how maternal mental health effects teen mothers in the foster care system and ways for agencies to assist this population. This training can also be fitted for agencies to present to their youth and ways to help teen mothers cope with maternal mental health symptoms, treatment options and local resources.

Women-of-DiversityNot Just a White Woman’s Problem: Inviting Women Of Color to the Conversation about Maternal Mental Health

This presentation discusses cultural boundaries for women of color, specifically African American women, in discussing maternal mental health. Attendees will learn ways to work with this population, historical factors, statistics, screening tools, treatment modalities that best suit working with WOC and local resources.

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